Exclusive Learning Provider

We are the approved learning provider for ACCA and CMA  in Kandy

CBE Centre

Licensed computer-based exam center for ACCA with a value added service of sitting your preferred exam on your preferred date

Attractive Pass Rates

Our lecture panel has produced pass rates over 90% at the previous 21 consecutive exam sessions along with 6 Sri Lankan Prize winners and a Top Third Affiliate


Up to 100% Scholarships for high achievers, because we value the hard work

Complete Your Course

Our top-notch lecture panel can help you complete ACCA and CMA while being in your home town

Complete Yourself

Develop your career by the guidance from our professional development mentors

Extra-Curricular Activities

Don’t let your talents go unnoticed. Our various programmes will allow you to purse your dreams while studying.

Convenient Location

Easy to travel location opposite Kingswood College Kandy in Peradeniya road.


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